Áo Golf trắng phối ren
Women golf polo shirt

(trắng - cold spandex)

Mã sản phẩm / Item code: AG063KR261

Giá / Price: : 1.550.000 vnđ

Áo thun ngắn tay, mở khóa ngực. Lá cổ và viền gấu tay phối ren Nhật cao cấp.
Vải thun cao cấp, mềm, co giãn, không nhăn. 
This women's golf shirt offers a stylish twist on the classic polo. Featuring a convenient quarter-zip closure at the front and premium Japanese laces accenting the collar and sleeves, it adds a touch of elegance to your game.
Made from high-quality, soft, and stretchy Korean fabric, this shirt ensures both comfort and performance on the course.